Best Bird Cages of All Time (Reviews)

Shopping for the first-ever cage for your bird family? Then my reviews of the best bird cages may interest you.

There are plenty of cages on the market, which is nice because you have more options. But on the other hand, choosing one cage from hundreds can be very difficult, especially if you don’t quite know what to look for.

You probably want to know the buyer’s guide. Sure, but don’t worry if you get confused. I’ll be helping you to choose the right one.

Below, I will introduce you to what I think are the 30 best bird cages out there. I divided my picks into two categories – 5 best-of-the-best picks that I think will meet most people’s needs, and 25 more bird cages for those who have special demands.

Throughout the reviews, I’ll supply you with bits of useful information to help you choose the right cage. Also I’ve mentioned which bird is the cage suitable for.

With that, let’s get started!

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My Top 5 Picks of best bird cages

In this section, we will have a look at my personal top 5 picks. I have assigned them to several categories to hopefully meet my readers’ needs. My top picks should work for most people, so you are unlikely to have to go through all of my 30 reviews.

Experts ChoiceBest Cages
Top PickPrevue Pet Products Wrought Iron 3151BLK Cage
Best OverallYAHEETECH Playtop Wrought Iron Bird Cage
Best Value For MoneyPrevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage
Best Small Bird CageVision Hagen Bird Cage
Best Budget PickYaheetech Open Top Standing Bird Cage

#1 Top Pick – Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron 3151BLK Cage

Prevue Pet Products 3151BLK Cage

Let’s start the overview of the best bird cages with my top pick – this wrought iron cage from Prevue. This cage offers ample room for birds along with solid build quality.

Available in 4 sizes, the Prevue cage is a nice pick for birds up to mini macaws, Goffin’s cockatoos, and other moderately large birds. All cages have bar spacing of 3/4 inches. The particular size I based my review on (30 x 22 x 63 inches, including the stand) should work well for multiple small birds. You can definitely consider it as the best cage for conures, parakeets and Jardine’s.

As you can see, this Prevue cage model is pretty tall, so for easy transportation, it includes four casters.

The build in the Prevue cage is based on wrought iron covered with powder coating. The powder coating should protect the cage from rusting, as well as keep the cage safe for your pet. The welds and bars aren’t particularly strong in this cage and could be bent by some birds, but for most uses, they should be fine.

Prevue includes a bunch of handy accessories with this cage as well, including 4 stainless steel cups, a pair of wood perches (you should probably get more), a playtop for some exercise, a slide-out tray, and a seed guard to keep the location of the cage tidy.


  • 4 sizes are available with wheels.
  • Lockable door.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Includes a few accessories like perches, a play top, steel cups, and more.
  • Non-toxic powder coating.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning.


  • Quality control issues.

#2 Best Overall – YAHEETECH Playtop Wrought Iron Bird Cage

YAHEETECH Playtop Wrought Iron Bird Cage

The YAHEETECH playtop bird cage has a design that’s similar to what the Prevue cage offers, but there are two key differences.

First up, this bird cage is a little taller. It’s sized at 68.5 x 22 x 24 inches (H x W x D, excluding the seed guard and including the stand). There’s a 61 inches tall version available too, but it is only 17.9 inches wide and deep.

Secondly, the bar spacing here is narrower – 0.6 inches. This means that the 68.5-inch cage should work well for smaller birds and should be on the list of best cages for cockatiels and lovebirds.

As for the small cage, it could work for finches, canaries, or budgies, but it’s bar spacing seems a little bit wide for them. So I think that the large cage is a better pick overall.

The build in the YAHEETECH cage is nearly the same as in the Prevue cage. The frame is again made of powder-coated wrought iron – it’s not super-durable but should work fine for smaller birds.

As for accessories, you are again getting a sliding tray, seed guard, a pair of stainless steel feeders with access doors, a playtop area, and even a bungee rope toy. There are casters in this bird cage as well for convenient transportation.


  • Wheels for easy transportation.
  • Lockable door.
  • Powder coating for added safety.
  • Includes plenty of accessories (like a bungee rope toy).
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the feeder access doors and pull-out trays.


  • Issues with shipping and missing parts.

#3 Best Value For Money – Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Flight Wheeled Cage

The Prevue Flight bird cage offers the best value for the money on the top, in my opinion. This is a rather inexpensive cage, but it has all the basics for birdkeeping and is pretty easy to maintain too.

Now, the first thing that you may notice in this cage is that it doesn’t have a seed guard at the base. So the location of the cage might get a little messy. But you are still getting a sliding bottom tray and grille for a little more convenient cleaning.

The Prevue bird cage is sized at 31 x 20-1/2 x 53 inches (L x W x H, including the stand) and has 1/2-inch bar spacing. With the bar spacing and size in mind, this cage should work for cockatiels, canaries, and finches. In fact, it has plenty of room and probably the best cage for  small birds.

There’s also a larger 37 x 23 x 60-inch (L x W x H) version with the same spacing, which is a pretty large flight cage. This one should work with larger birds such as lovebirds, parrots, caiques or parrotlets.

The construction in this Prevue bird cage is again based on powder-coated wrought iron, so no big surprises here. This model is a little bit flimsy, but that’s expectable at this price point.

Prevue includes a few nice accessories with this cage too – 4 double feeders and 3 wood perches. There additionally are side access doors near the feeders to make food refilling easier.

The feeders here are made of plastic though, so they won’t be as durable as the stainless steel cups we’ve seen in the previous two cages.


  • Includes 4 double cups and 3 wood perches.
  • Side access doors for quick food refilling.
  • Powder-coated.
  • Has casters to make transportation easier.
  • Sliding bottom grille and tray for convenient cleaning.


  • Not the best quality.
  • Very few horizontal bars for climbing and attaching accessories.

#4 Best Small Bird Cage – Vision Hagen Bird Cage

Vision Hagen Bird Cage

The Vision Hagen bird cage is a nice option for small birds like canaries, finches, and budgies, and perhaps for lovebirds. It’s sized at 29.5 x 15 x 21.5 inches (L x W x H) too, so it’s quite compact. The bar spacing is 1/2 inches as well, if you want to know.

This cage is pretty simple yet has a few interesting features to offer. The very first thing to catch the eye is the deep base that effectively catches waste like feathers or seeds. With this cage, your floor will most likely stay perfectly clean.

The second interesting feature is the wavy perches. Generally, it’s recommended to provide birds with perches of varying shape and diameter to ensure a good workout. Well, the included perches do everything in a single design thanks to their shape.

The Vision canary cage also has double doors to provide easy access to its interior. You are getting a pair of dishes for wood and water too. Each of the dishes is accessible via feeder doors.

All in all, this bird cage offers a few very interesting features, but it has two notable issues.

First off, there are no bottom trays for easy cleaning – instead, the top is clipped to the base and needs to be lifted off for cleaning. Not too quick and convenient. At least, you can easily access the food trays to refill them via a pair of doors.

The second issue is that the assembly instructions are bad, though this cage isn’t that difficult in design in the first place and should be easy to put together.


  • Deep base that effectively catches feathers and seeds.
  • Wavy perches with varying thickness.
  • Wide double doors.
  • 2 double dishes with access windows included.


  • No pull-out trays – difficult to clean.
  • Assembly instructions not as expected.

#5 Best Budget Pick – Yaheetech Open Top Standing Bird Cage

Yaheetech Open Top Standing Bird Cage

And as the final top pick in my reviews of the best bird cages, we have this extremely inexpensive cage from YAHEETECH.

The most notable feature of this bird cage is the opening top with a wooden perch. This could be a nice feature for playtime since it allows for more freedom of movement for your birds.

What’s also very nice about this cage is that it includes 3 perches (not including the top one), 4 bird feeders, and even a swing. The bird feeders are also mounted next to small doors to make food refilling easy.

Sized at 18 x 14 x 36.5 inches (L x W x H, without the stand) and with a bar spacing of 0.4 inches, the YAHEETECH open-top cage would work nicely with small birds like finches and canaries. But it has very few horizontal bars, so it’s not the best for birds that like to climb.

This YAHEETECH cage is all in all very interesting for the price, but since it’s so cheap, you probably shouldn’t expect it to live too long. Though for very small birds, it may work just fine for years.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Casters to facilitate transportation.
  • Openable top and pull-out bottom tray.
  • Includes a swing, 4 perches, and 4 bird feeders.
  • Side doors for easy food refilling.


  • Don’t expect this thing to serve you long.
  • Very few horizontal bars.

25 More Bird Cage Picks To Choose From

The top 5 cages mentioned above are categorized into five. But there are a lot more options to choose from.

If you don’t think that my top 5 picks will work for you, then read on to find 25 more options. You will definitely find the right one.

Best Bird Cages for Cockatiels, Parrots, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Conures, Finches, canaries & African Grey.

1. ZENY Bird Cage with Stand Wrought Iron

ZENY Bird Cage with Stand Wrought Iron

The ZENY bird cage is yet another good choice if you want something inexpensive. After my 5 top picks, the features of this cage aren’t too impressive, but it still offers the essentials for bird keeping.

Sized at 27.4 x 16.5 x 24 inches (H x D x W, without the base) and with a bar spacing of 1/2 inches, the ZENY bird cage should work well for finches, budgies, canaries, and other similarly sized birds. With the included 4 feeders and 2 perches, it’s a nice pick for multiple birds as well.

Build-wise, this bird cage is made of wrought iron that appears to be powder-coated. Some reviews claim that the coating contains lead, but it doesn’t seem to have any. A lot of users have tested the surface of the cage themselves and found no lead, so you shouldn’t have to worry.

In terms of maintenance, the ZENY bird cage is fairly nice too. Refilling the feeders is easy thanks to the convenient access doors, while the bottom grille along with the tray can be pulled out for emptying and cleaning.


  • Quite inexpensive.
  • Includes 2 perches and 4 feeders.
  • Front access doors for food refilling.
  • Casters for convenient transportation.
  • Large and roomy bottom shelf for birdkeeping essentials.


  • Flimsy.
  • Not too many horizontal bars.

2. SUPER DEAL PRO Large Bird Cage


The PRO bird cage from the very originally named SUPER DEAL brand may seem familiar. Well, it actually is very similar to the YAHEETECH bird cage – my #2 top pick.

However, although the design and size are more or less identical, the PRO cage has a smaller door and narrower seed guards. So the YAHEETECH cages may be a bit more convenient.

PRO’s bar spacing is also 0.1 inches narrower – 1/2 inches. With that, it’s a good pick for small birds like finches, canaries, and budgies.

The PRO cage also doesn’t include any rope toys, though it does come with 5 stainless steel bowls. And perhaps more importantly, it still has the play area at the top. At the bottom, you also have 4 casters to make transportation easier.

The PRO bird cage is fairly easy to set up too, but the horrible assembly instructions make everything more difficult than it should be.

In terms of feel and maintenance, the PRO cage is similar to the YAHEETECH bird cage. It again has a powder-coated wrought iron build, and its cleaning & maintenance are easy thanks to the pull-out tray and seed guard. The feeder doors make refilling your birds’ bowls easy as well.


  • Powder-coated wrought iron build.
  • Playtop design.
  • Lockable door.
  • Wheels for convenient transportation.
  • Includes 5 stainless steel bowls and one perch.
  • Seed guard, pull-out tray, and side doors for easy maintenance.


  • Assembly instructions not too good.

3. YAHEETECH Play Top White Bird Cage

YAHEETECH Playtop White Bird Cage

This YAHEETECH playtop bird cage is the exact same cage we had as my #2 top pick (the 61-inch one), but it’s white. At least, it is advertised as white – the actual color is a grayish hammer-tone white. It looks cool, but the product description may confuse some people.

In terms of size, materials, and features, this YAHEETECH bird cage is identical to my #2 top pick. The size is exactly the same and should work well for finches, canaries, or budgies.

The main material here is again wrought iron that is powder-coated for added durability and safety. Maintenance is likewise easy thanks to the removable tray, seed guard, and side doors for bowl refilling.

Speaking of bowls, YAHEETECH advertises that the white bird cage comes with 4 stainless steel bowls. For the black #2 top pick, only 2 are advertised. However, actually, both cages include the same number of bowls.

With the white cage, maybe YAHEETECH also counts the bowls in the cage’s play area, so don’t get confused.


  • The same exact cage as my #2 top pick, but white.
  • Powder-coated wrought iron construction w/ lockable door.
  • Includes a play area, a pair of stainless steel bowls, and a bungee toy.
  • Side doors, removable tray, and seed guard.
  • Wheeled design.


  • The color is more towards gray.

4. Prevue F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Cage

Prevue F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Cage

The Prevue F070 Hampton Deluxe cage is an ideal choice for breeders. This product actually consists of two separate cages, and it also has a stackable design, allowing you to place multiple cages on top of each other.

Design-wise, the Hampton cage is fairly simple. This double wide bird cage doesn’t have any playtops or seed guards, but it does have pull-out trays and side doors for easier cleaning. You are getting 4 feeding cups and 4 perches too (2 per cage).

The dimensions of this cage are 37-1/2 x 18 x 20-1/2 inches (L x W x H, without the stand). The length is given for both cages – each cage is about 18-3/4 inches long. The bar spacing is 1/2 inches – with that, the Hampton cage should work with finches, canaries, budgies, and other similarly sized birds.

For added convenience, this bird cage also has a large wire shelf on the bottom. At the base of the stand, there also are 4 casters to make transportation easier.

All in all, the Hampton cage is fairly nice for the money, but it’s a little flimsier than I’d like at this price point. It would be nice if the cages had a bit more horizontal bars too for some climbing.


  • Ideal for breeders.
  • Stackable, lockable, and wheeled.
  • Powder-coated.
  • Includes 4 perches and 4 plastic feeding cups.
  • Pull-out trays for quicker cleaning.
  • Large wired shelf on the bottom.


  • Flimsier than I’d like for the money.
  • Not too many horizontal bars.

5. YAHEETECH 52-inch Flight King Bird Cage

YAHEETECH 52-Inch Bird Cage

Next up on my reviews of the best bird cages, we have this 52-inch bird cage from YAHEETECH.

This bird cage is similar to the Prevue cage on the #3 spot in my top pick section. However, there are two important differences to keep in mind.

First up, this bird cage doesn’t have doors near the feeding trays. This means that refilling the trays is going to be more challenging in this cage than in the Prevue one. But you’re still getting a removable tray at the bottom, so cleaning will be pretty easy.

Secondly, the bar spacing here is at 0.6 inches – 0.1 inches wider than in the Prevue bird cage. Although the overall dimensions of the two bird cages are the same, the YAHEETECH model may be a better suit for slightly larger birds. This cage would probably work best for lovebirds, cockatiels, parakeets or budgies.

Other than this, the two bird cages are pretty similar. The YAHEETECH bird cage is a little cheaper, but unless you find that this cage costs much less than its Prevue counterpart, you would be better off buying the Prevue cage.


  • Includes 4 feeding trays and 3 perches.
  • Powder-coated wrought iron build.
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • Wheeled.


  • Unlike its Prevue analog on the #3 spot, doesn’t have doors near the bowls.
  • Very few horizontal bars.

6. Yaheetech Open-Top Large Parrot Bird Cage

YAHEETECH Open-Top Large-Parrot Bird Cage

This YAHEETECH cage is similar to my #5 budget pick. Namely, it again has an open-top design. However, there are a few big differences that make the two open-top cages very distinct.

First off, it comes with thick wooden perches, as well as features 0.14 inches thick bars with a spacing of 1 inch. The bars should be strong enough to withstand the bites of larger birds. So this particular YAHEETECH cage is designed for big birds such as African greys, mini macaws, or cockatoos. I personally like this as the best cage for African Grey Parrots.

The second big difference between the two YAHEETECH open-top cages is that this cage is more expensive and therefore offers better quality. It’s not the highest-end cage you can find, but it should serve you way longer than my top budget pick.

Next, the door in this cage is actually lockable to keep escape artist birds inside.

Finally, this bird cage has not only vertical but also horizontal bars – great for birds that like to climb. Aside from that, its maintenance is easier as well thanks to the seed guard at the base.

There is one downside in this bird cage though – although it’s fine for larger birds, I would like it to be even bigger. The cage area is sized at 24 x 22 x 44.5 inches, which is a little narrow for African greys and similarly sized birds. This cage will work, but it’s not ideal.


  • Tall cage area with lockable door.
  • Seed guard at the bottom + slide-out tray.
  • Casters for easier transportation.
  • Opening top.
  • Includes 2 perches and 3 stainless steel bowls.
  • Thick and durable wiring.


  • For the birds it targets, this cage should be larger.

7. Prevue Empire X-Large Bird Cage

Prevue Empire Bird Cage

This enormously sized cage from Prevue is up next on my list of the best bird cages. Quite suitably named Empire, this cage is a great choice for large macaws and large cockatoos and probably on the list of best cage for African grey parrots. It’s sized at 46 x 36 x 78-3/4 inches (L x W x H), while the wire spacing is 1-3/8 inches.

It has plenty of space inside and is best for those who are looking for wide, big and extra large bird cages.

The size of the Empire cage isn’t the only thing that’s interesting about it. It’s also the first model on this list to be made of stainless steel. Thanks to this material. Empire will be exceptionally durable and resistant to abuse from your bird. It should also be safe and non-toxic for pets.

The door is lockable as well, so your birds should not be able to escape (unless they are really smart, which is not that unlikely).

The features of the Empire bird cage are also fairly nice. You are getting 3 stainless steel bowls mounted on their own doors, one wooden perch, a seed guard, and a pull-out tray at the bottom. Empire has a good number of horizontal bars too for birds that like to climb.

Needless to say, the Empire bird cage costs a lot – it’s the most expensive option on this list, in fact. But if you have a large bird and money, then the Empire is totally worth it.


  • Gargantuan size – excellent for large macaws or cockatoos.
  • Lockable door.
  • Extra-tough stainless steel build.
  • Seed guard and pull-out tray for easy cleaning.
  • Includes 3 door-mounted stainless steel bowls + a perch.


  • Very expensive.
  • Possible shipping issues.

8. Vision M02 Medium Bird Cage

Vision M02 Medium Bird Cage

This cage may seem familiar – in fact, it is basically the two-level version of the Vision Hagen bird cage I reviewed earlier. It was included as my #4 top pick for small birds.

The M02 medium bird cage is again great for birds like finches, budgies, or canaries, but it can accommodate more birds.

In terms of features, this Vision cage doesn’t have anything new to offer over the Hagen bird cage. And that’s not bad actually since the Hagen cage had a lot of interesting things.

M02 includes double the number of the wavy perches with variable thickness. Not only that, but you are again getting the deep base that effectively catches bird waste. There are plenty of horizontal bars in the M02 cage too, which is great for birds that like to climb.

And by the way, I didn’t mention the size of the M02 cage. It’s 24.6 x 15.6 x 34.3 inches (L x W x H), while the wire spacing is 0.48 inches. With that, it’s a little shorter but taller than Hagen.

Along with the good stuff, M02 also retains the main downside of the Hagen cage – difficult cleaning. Reaching for the feeders is challenging, and emptying the waste tray requires you to lift the entire cage.


  • Includes 2 feeding cups and 4 wavy perches with variable thickness.
  • Access doors for the feeding cups.
  • Easy food refilling thanks to access windows.
  • Deep base that catches most bird waste.
  • Not too expensive.


  • Not the easiest bird cage to clean.

9. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

The Prevue Hendryx Flight cage is a pocket-friendly cage for very small birds like canaries or finches. It’s sized at 26 x 14 x 16 inches (L x W x H, including the base) and has 1/2-inch wire spacing. I would like the cage to be a few inches wider, but it should work as it is.

Although this cage shares its name with my #3 Hendryx Flight bird cage, it’s quite different. More precisely, it’s flimsier, smaller, cheaper, and doesn’t have wheels.

Despite its small size, this Flight bird cage is pretty convenient. It has double doors, each with a smaller inset door. Additionally, there are doors for the included 2 food cups as well, while the tray has a pull-out design for quicker waste disposal.

You are getting 4 perches too – one more than with the wheeled Hendryx Flight. The side wiring in this cage is horizontal as well, offering climbing opportunities for birds.

One thing that people may dislike about this bird cage is that it’s not wheeled. But since it’s quite small, the absence of wheels isn’t a huge deal.


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Includes 4 perches and 2 plastic cups.
  • Pull-out waste tray & doors for the food cups.


  • It would be nice if the cage was a few inches wider.
  • Flimsy.

10. You & Me Finch Rectangle Flight Cage

You & Me Finch Rectangle Cage

The vast majority of models on my list of the best bird cages are tall. If you want to have a good amount of interior space in a shorter format, then the You & Me Finch cage might work wonderfully for you.

This cage measures 18 x 18 x 30 inches (H x W x L) and has a bar spacing of 1/2 inches. With that, it’s a good choice for finches, canaries, budgies, and other similarly sized birds. Due to its length, it’s footprint is quite large, but if you have limited headroom, then this design should work better for you.

In terms of features, the Finch cage is pretty standard. It has a pull-out bottom tray along with a pair of doors for the included food trays. 2 perches are included as well.

The bars in the You & Me cage are mostly vertical, with too few climbing opportunities for birds. But this isn’t going to be an issue for every bird.

Note that the You & Me bird cage is a bit flimsy too, but for the money, that’s not a big surprise.


  • Includes 2 perches and 2 food trays.
  • Dedicated doors for the food trays.
  • Pull-out waste tray at the bottom.


  • Flimsy.
  • Not too many horizontal bars.

11. ZENY 59.3” Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

ZENY 59.3-Inch Bird Cage

The ZENY bird cage is yet another nice choice for those who have a very limited budget. Not only that, but this cage is a decent option for small birds like budgies, canaries, or finches.

Being a very pocket-friendly bird cage, the ZENY cage obviously can’t boast exceptional quality and durability. It won’t take abuse well, and it’s probably not a good suit for more playful and aggressive birds.

Despite the flimsy bird, the ZENY bird cage offers a fair amount of convenience. It has all the features that you’d get in a much pricier cage, and even more.

The highlight in the ZENY cage convenience-wise is the integrated bottom shelf for birdkeeping essentials. Additionally, to make cleaning and maintenance easier, this bird cage features a pull-out tray and grille. Each of the included food trays has its own refill window too.

What’s also nice about the ZENY bird cage is that it includes not only perches but also a wooden swing.

Finally, if you are interested in dimensions, this bird cage measures 13.9 x 18.1 x 59.3 inches (W x L x H, including the wheeled stand) and has bar spacing of 0.4 inches.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Wheeled base.
  • Includes 3 perches, 4 food trays, and a swing.
  • Pull-out tray & grille along with food tray doors.
  • Storage shelf on the bottom.


  • Probably won’t live long.
  • Not too many horizontal bars.

12. YAHEETECH 41-inch Open Top Medium Bird Cage

YAHEETECH 41-inch Open Top Medium Bird Cage

This cage is basically the stand-less version of the YAHEETECH open-top bird cage I had on my top #5 spot. It is more or less the same bird cage, but it doesn’t come with any wheeled stands. The absence of the stand makes this bird cage cheaper, as well as reduces its size significantly.

As one of the least expensive options on my top of the best bird cages, the YAHEETECH 41-inch open-top cage probably won’t offer a long service life. It’s for light use and for birds that can’t shred their cage to pieces.

Speaking of birds, this bird cage is a solid choice for small birds such as finches, canaries, or budgies. In this sense, this bird cage doesn’t differ from its wheeled counterpart.

The dimensions of this cage, by the way, are about 18 x 14 x 36 inches (L x W x H, including the base tray), while the bar spacing is 0.4 inches.

When it comes to the features, this bird cage is identical to its wheeled brother except for, of course, the wheeled stand. It doesn’t have any casters, and it lacks the wire shelf that was included with the stand of the other cage.

With that said, you are still getting 4 perches and food trays, a swing, and, of course, the openable top. For easier maintenance, the YAHEETECH cage also features a pull-out tray along with feeder access doors.


  • Extremely inexpensive.
  • Pull-out tray for easy cleaning.
  • Openable top & swing for more bird fun.
  • Includes 4 wooden perches and 4 food trays.
  • Food tray doors for convenient refilling.


  • Not too durable.
  • Low number of horizontal bars.

13. YAHEETECH Open Top Mid-Sized Bird Cage

YAHEETECH Open Top Mid-Sized Bird Cage

It seems that YAHEETECH really loves the open-top bird cage theme. We have yet another such bird cage on this list, but it’s slightly different from the previous ones.

The first difference to catch the eye in this cage is the design. Compared to previous YAHEETECH open-top bird cages, it’s more rectangular. In practice, this doesn’t make this cage better or worse – it just looks different.

The second important difference is the cage size. The cage itself (without the base) is about 8 inches shorter than previous open-top picks. Not only that, but it is about 4 inches wider. The overall dimensions of only the cage are 18.5 x 18.x x 28 inches (L x W x H). With the stand, the cage is 47 inches tall when the top is closed.

The bar spacing is 0.6 inches as well, meaning that this particular cage is more suitable for lovebirds, budgies(parakeets), or perhaps cockatiels. For small birds like finches or canaries, the bar spacing is too wide.

If I put these differences aside, this cage is nearly identical to YAHEETECH open-top cages reviewed earlier. It has a similarly easy-maintenance build, though it doesn’t come with any bird swings.


  • Wallet-friendly.
  • Pull-out tray for easy cleaning.
  • Openable top & wheeled stand with a wire shelf.
  • Comes with 3 wooden perches and 2 food trays.
  • Feeder doors for quick refilling.


  • Flimsy.
  • Not too many horizontal bars.

14. YAHEETECH 55-inch Triple Roof Medium Bird Cage

YAHEETECH 55-inch Triple Roof Medium Bird Cage

This 55-inch cage from YAHEETECH has a cool triple-roof design. The roofs look great and make this bird cage stand out quite a bit. However, the roofs may also pose a risk of pinching for birds, but this is only in theory since nobody seems to have had any issues with this design.

The wheeled stand has a different construction as well. I like its curved legs more than the boring straight legs in previous wheeled YAHEETECH cages.

When it comes to the bird species, this YAHEETECH cage is intended for larger birds like cockatiels, green cheek conures, lovebirds, and other similarly sized birds. This is because the bar spacing in this bird cage is 0.6 inches – too large for budgies, canaries, and other small species.

The size of the cage is also 19.7 x 19.5 x 32.7 inches (L x W x H) without the wheeled stand. With the stand, this thing is 55 inches tall.

Other than the eye-catching design, this is a typical YAHEETECH bird cage. The features are pretty familiar – pull-out tray, feeder doors, a wire shelf, and a wheeled stand. Though the included feeders are atypically made of stainless steel, which is pretty nice.


  • Not too expensive.
  • Cool design.
  • Wheeled stand with wire shelf.
  • Includes 2 perches and 2 stainless steel feeders.
  • Pull-out tray and feeder doors for easy maintenance.


  • Not too durable.
  • Not the best for birds that love to climb.

15. YAHEETECH 39-inch Roof Top Large Flight Bird Cage

YAHEETECH 39-inch Roof Top Large Flight Bird Cage

With this 39-inch bird cage, YAHEETECH includes a bunch of toys for birds’ enjoyment. Given how inexpensive this bird cage is, it offers great value for the money. The toys included are a swing, a ladder, and a toy for pecking, which should be pretty nice for starters.

The design of this YAHEETECH bird cage is pretty unique as well. Aside from the eye-catching rooftop, it features a two-tier construction with a total height of 39 inches, including the bottom tray area.

The two-tier construction makes this bird cage a little difficult to assemble. But it’s nothing that is challenging all in all.

The width and length are 18 x 14 inches respectively, while the bar spacing is 0.4 inches. With that, this bird cage is suitable for small birds like canaries or finches.

When you put aside all the unique things I’ve talked about above, you are left with familiar YAHEETECH features. There’s nothing really new to add – this cage includes a few feeders (with access windows), perches, and has a pull-out tray.

Overall, the user experience with this cage is fairly decent, but you shouldn’t expect longevity for such a low price.


  • Really inexpensive.
  • Cute roof design.
  • Swings and toys included.
  • Comes with 4 feeders and 3 perches.
  • Slide-out tray + feeder access doors.
  • 2 large doors.


  • Assembly is a little challenging.
  • The same downsides as with previous YAHEETECH cages – low durability and too few horizontal bars.

16. Prevue Stainless Steel Round Bird Cage

Prevue Stainless Steel Round Bird Cage

This cage from Prevue is the first and only round model on my list of the best bird cages. It’s a good option if you are looking for something gorgeous – this bird cage is truly one of the most beautiful cages you can find out there. Its quality stainless steel build is exceptionally durable as well. In my opinion, this cage will definitely fall under the cool bird cages.

What’s also nice about this bird cage is that it includes porcelain cups. These cups are decorated, cute, and nice for those who want to have as little plastic in their lives as possible. Your birds are also getting a pair of wooden perches to hang out on.

The size of this cage is 15-1/2 inches in diameter and 21 inches high (30-1/2 inches if measured from top to bottom). With the bar spacing being 1/2 inches too, the Prevue round cage is a decent option for smaller birds, such as finches or canaries.

With all that said, a very important thing to keep in mind with this and generally any round cage is that they are difficult to clean. There are no pull-out trays in this cage – to empty the waste tray, you will have to lift the top of the cage off.

Not only that, but there are a few other downsides in round cages that I’ve covered in my bird cage buyer’s guide. You should check that guide out.


  • Gorgeous design.
  • Durable stainless steel build.
  • Includes 2 perches and 2 cute porcelain cups.


  • Not very easy to clean and maintain.
  • All in all, not as good as a rectangular/square cage of the same quality.

17. Prevue Hendryx Madison Bird Cage

Prevue Madison Bird Cage

If you have a cockatiel, then consider the Madison bird cage from Prevue. Sized at 20 x 20 x 29 (L x W x H), it’s perfect for cockatiels (though you may go bigger too, of course). The bar spacing is 5/8 inches, which is also adequate for this bird species.

Needless to say, you may get this bird cage for any other bird species that are sized like cockatiels.

The build in the Madison bird cage is pretty interesting – it’s made of copper that is powder-coated. Copper is not frequently used in bird cages since it’s not very strong, but for cockatiels, it appears to be good enough.

In terms of features, the Madison cage is fairly simple – it comes with 2 perches and 2 food cups attached to access doors. The cage has both horizontal and vertical bars, so accessory attachment will be easy.

The Madison bird cage is quite easy to maintain too thanks to the pull-out waste tray at the bottom. However, the areas between the welds and the base of the cage are difficult to clean – at least, without deep cleaning.


  • Great for cockatiels.
  • Powder-coated.
  • Includes 2 perches and 2 food cups with their own access doors.
  • Pull-out waste tray for easy cleaning.


  • The area where the cage is welded to the base is difficult to clean.

18. PawHut 22″ Heavy Duty Travel Bird Cage

PawHut 22-Inch Carrier Bird Cage

Up next on my top of the best bird cages, we have this cage from PawHut. This could be the one of the best travel cages for birds and not as a permanent dwelling for birds.

Here’s why – the bar spacing in this cage is 3/4 inches, which implies that it is suitable for larger birds such as conures or Jardine’s. However, sized at 18 x 14.5 x 17.25 inches (W x L x H), this cage is way too small for those birds. And for smaller birds, its bar spacing is too wide.

And that’s why this cage will work well only when you are traveling. It’s small enough not to eat up your whole space, but it’s large enough for temporary bird dwelling.

What also shows that this cage is intended for large birds is its thicker bars, relatively durable build, and the lockable door.

In terms of convenience, the PawHut carried bird cage is pretty nice. Its large primary door has an inset door for easier access into the cage, while the stainless steel cups have their own small doors for facilitated refilling. The bottom tray & grille are removable too for quick emptying.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Powder-coated wrought iron build.
  • Lockable door.
  • Comes with a perch and 2 stainless steel cups with access doors.
  • Pull-out bottom tray & grille.


  • Small for its bar spacing.
  • Only has a few horizontal bars.

19. Vision M01 Medium Bird Cage

Vision M01 Bird Cage

The Vision M01 bird cage is essentially the one-tier version of the M02 cage reviewed earlier. As a Vision cage, it retains the brand’s key features too.

Sized at 16 x 25 x 21 inches (L x W x H) and with a wire spacing of 0.48 inches, the M01 bird cage is again suitable for small species like finches or canaries. With that said, M01 is less suitable for multiple birds than M02 due to its much lower height.

The M01 bird cage again includes the familiar wavy perches to keep your bird’s feet limber. M01 comes with a pair of food cups too, each placed beside a small access door for easy refilling.

The deep base makes a return as well, capable of capturing most debris. However, the cleaning of the M01 cage is familiarly difficult because you have to lift the top off the cage.


  • Deep base for waste-catching.
  • Includes 2 wavy bird perches.
  • Comes with 2 food cups (with their own access doors).


  • Not the easiest to clean.

20. Vision Hagen S01 Bird Cage

Vision S01 Bird Cage

The S01 bird cage is the last model from Vision on my list of the best bird cages. Measuring 15 x 19 x 20 inches (L x W x H), it’s the smallest Vision cage I reviewed as well. With its 0.48-inch bar spacing, it’s also going to be suitable for small birds such as canaries or finches (like previous Vision cages).

When it comes to features, there is nothing really new to cover here – you’re getting familiar Vision things, like the wavy perches or the deep base. So the user experience in the S01 bird cage doesn’t differ from that of other Vision cages on this list.

Aside from the benefits of the design, you unfortunately again have to deal with the hard-to-clean base. Going forward, I really hope that Vision will find ways to improve the design of this otherwise great bird cage.


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Deep base that catches waste effectively.
  • Includes 2 wavy perches and 2 food cups.
  • The food cups are accessible via windows for easy refilling.


  • Once again, not the easiest to clean.
  • Small.

21. Prevue White Flight Bird Cage

Prevue White Flight Cage

The Prevue white flight cage is a good option if you are looking for something eye-catching. With its all-white finish, this bird cage is quite nice to look at, though I probably wouldn’t call it gorgeous.

Aside from the looks, what this flight bird cage also has to offer is a very wallet-friendly price tag. But needless to say, the durability of this cage corresponds to its price – don’t expect wonders from it.

When it comes to the construction and features, this Prevue cage is quite basic. It makes maintenance fairly easy thanks to the slide-out debris tray at the bottom. The included food cups are easy to access and refill too thanks to their own doors.

The entry door itself is pretty large as well and has a small inset door for more convenient access to the inside of the cage.

Size-wise, the Prevue white cage is 30 x 18 x 18 inches (L x W x H), while the wire spacing is 3/8 inches. With that, this is yet another bird cage suitable for canaries, finches, budgies, or other similarly sized birds.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Comes with 2 plastic cups and 2 perches.
  • Access doors for the food cups.
  • Pull-out debris tray.


  • Quite flimsy.
  • Sparse horizontal wires.

22. Prevue SP1720-4 Shanghai Green and White Bird Cage

Prevue Shanghai Parakeet Cage

The Prevue Shanghai cage is yet another solid option for traveling on my top of the best bird cages. Since it’s sized at 13-1/2 x 11 x 22 inches (L x W x H), I wouldn’t recommend it for permanent bird dwelling – it’s too small for that.

With bar spacing of 7/16 inches, this cage works best for canaries, finches, and parakeets or budgies, but even for these birds, this cage is quite small. With that, Shanghai is a good option for either traveling or juvenile birds.

The size aside, I really like the look of the Shanghai cage. Its rooftop design is very cute, while the green & white color scheme is gorgeous. This is one of the most good-looking cages on my list, in fact.

With that said, due to its shape, the Shanghai bird cage isn’t very space-saving. I mention this because of Shanghai’s suitability for travel. It should be on the list of best travel cages.

Aside from aesthetics, the Shanghai cage also offers wallet-friendly pricing along with easy maintenance thanks to the pull-out tray and feeder access doors. Prevue additionally includes a swing and a pair of perches with the Shanghai cage, which is nice for its size.


  • Very pocket-friendly.
  • Cute house-like design.
  • Includes 2 cups (with access doors), 2 perches, and a swing.
  • Pull-out waste tray.


  • A bit small.
  • Given that this cage is best for travel, its design makes it not very space-efficient.

23. Prevue Hendryx White Travel Bird Cage

Prevue White Travel Bird Cage

This white bird cage from Prevue is an excellent choice for traveling. Not only is this cage very compact, but it also has a collapsible design. When not in use, you could fold the cage down to save storage space. This lightweight compact one could be best among many travel cages

Although this cage is collapsible, it should be totally safe for use. It cannot collapse on itself when the side walls are in place – since the walls are pretty sturdy, you should have no issues.

We also mentioned that this cage is fairly compact. It’s sized at 20 x 12 x 16 inches (L x W x H), while the bar spacing is 3/4 inches. Due to its bar spacing, this cage is suitable for conures, caiques, and other similarly sized birds. But because this cage is so compact, it’s not suitable for permanent residence.

Feature-wise, this white cage is pretty standard – it comes with a perch, 2 stainless steel food bowls, and a pull-out waste tray. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have any side doors for easy food refilling, so it’s not the easiest to maintain.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Cute white design.
  • Collapsible.
  • Includes 2 stainless steel cups and a wooden perch.
  • Pull-out debris tray.


  • Small.

24. Prevue 31996 House Style Economy Bird Cage

Prevue Economy Bird Cage

The Prevue Economy cage is named very suitably for its price – this is the least expensive cage on my top of the best bird cages and can be considered as a cheap bird cage. With that, it’s a decent option for a temporary cage for a juvenile bird, as well as a travel cage.

Unlike the last Prevue cage, this model is not collapsible, but it’s pretty space-saving – its size is merely 12 x 9 x 15 inches (L x W x H). The wire spacing is half an inch too, meaning that this bird cage should work for birds like budgies, finches, canaries, and other small birds.

Despite its cheapness, this bird cage is quite convenient. It has a pull-out debris tray along with access windows for the included food cups. To keep your bird occupied, the cage also includes 2 perches and even a swing.

With that said, aside from the small size, the Economy cage has one important problem – it’s not too durable. You wouldn’t expect anything else for its price, but I should emphasize that this cage isn’t for heavy use.


  • Very cheap – the least expensive cage on the list.
  • Cute design.
  • Comes with a swing, 2 plastic cups (with access windows), and 2 perches.
  • Pull-out debris tray.


  • Not too durable.
  • Very small – only suitable for travel or juvenile birds.

25. Mcage Lot of Breeding Flight Bird Cage

Mcage Breeding Bird Cage

Finally on my top of the best bird cages, we have this 6-pack from Mcage. Considering that you are getting 6 bird cages, this pack is very inexpensive – but needless to say, you are getting matching quality and durability.

Each of the included cages is sized at 24 x 16 x 16 inches (L x W x H), while the bar spacing is 3/8 inches. With that in mind, these cages are suitable for the likes of canaries or budgies.

Each of the cages includes a pair of perches and food cups as well. The bottom debris tray can also be pulled out for easy emptying. Each food cup has its dedicated access door too for easy refilling.

With their rectangular design, the Mcage cages are stackable as well and therefore should be pretty space-saving.


  • Good value for the money.
  • Includes 6 cages.
  • Includes 2 perches and food cups (with access doors) per cage.
  • Slide-out bottom trays.


  • Not the greatest quality.

Final Thoughts

Before choosing a bird cage, I recommend that you have a look at my bird cage buyer’s guide too. There, I talked about the key things to consider in bird cages and what to avoid. Although I’ve given plenty of useful tips for buying throughout my reviews, you will find even more info there.

As a final piece of advice, don’t scrimp on a bird cage. If you can afford a good cage, then buy it. If you want to keep your birds happy and healthy, then you should get them the best bird cage you can find for your budget.

Go as large as you can and as high-quality as you can. Your birds will be thankful, and you will certainly not regret spending hundreds of dollars on a good cage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I keep my bird cage?

Here are a few tips for optimal bird cage placement:

  • Place the bird cage against a wall – this will make your birds feel more secure. Ideally, place the cage in a corner to have two walls.
  • It would be nice if the cage was in a frequently visited room – a living room, for example. Birds need human interaction to feel secure.
  • Ideally, the cage should be at your chest level. Don’t place the cage too high – your birds may feel isolated. Low placement should also be avoided since birds feel secure when higher up.
  • Keep the bird cage away from windows – outdoor noises and animals may scare them. But a partial view of the window is fine.
  • Make sure that the cage is not exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. Birds don’t sweat and look for shady places to cool off when hot. In a cage, they probably won’t have anywhere to hide. With that, just make sure that the cage is away from the sun at all times.
  • Keep the cage away from any TVs – sounds and flickering images may scare them.  
  • Keep the cage away from your kitchen and bedroom. In the kitchen, heat and fumes may be detrimental to the birds’ health. As for the bedroom, at night, birds may produce a lot of noise, interfering with your sleep.

What is the best bird cage for finches?

For finches, the bird cage should be at least 20 x 18 x 18 inches. For two birds, the cage should be sized at 30 x 18 x 18 inches. The bar spacing should be no more than 1/2 inches.

Remember that you could go as large as you want, depending on your budget and available space. But the bar spacing should be 1/2 inches no matter the cage size.

What is the best cage for conures?

For conures, the best bird cages would be sized at least 24 x 24 x 24 inches. The bar spacing should be from 5/8 to 3/4 inches. You will find a lot of options to choose from if you go through this full article.

What is the best cage for African grey parrots?

African grey parrots are large and should be housed in big bird cages. Generally, it’s recommended to have at least 24 x 24 x 36 (L x W x H) cages for African greys. The bar spacing should be between 3/4 and 1 inch.

Are Vision bird cages good?

Yes, Vision bird cages are indeed very good. They have solid quality, good feedback, and unique features such as:

  • Wavy perches with varying thickness. As mentioned earlier, the variable thickness allows birds to keep their feet limber.
  • Deep bases that catch bird waste.
  • Horizontal wiring that is great for climbing.

Vision bird cages are a little difficult to clean though because they don’t have pull-out trays.

Watch the quick tour video of my #1 Top Pick bird cage. This one with white color. Enjoy!

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